November 30, 2012

Promote your holiday events: "Make this holiday historic!"

To raise awareness about the great holiday events and gifts available at historic sites and through history organizations across the country, in November 2012 we created the holiday campaign for history, "Make this holiday historic!"  Based on the response, we'll make this an annual event.

All history organizations and all organizations with history-related events or exhibits are welcome to participate.  

► If your organization doesn't already use The History List, you'll find details and a link to sign up here.  The History List is the largest list of history happenings across the country.  It was designed to meet the specific needs of history organizations.  There is no cost to add your organization and events.

Add your holiday events to The History List

  • You can add your holiday events any time.  Just check the box near the bottom of the event entry page that indicates that this is a holiday event.  (Example of a holiday event entry: The Christmas Candlelight Grand Masquerade at Tryon Palace.)
  • These events will appear on The History List with a red holiday gift icon on their page and next to their event on the list of all events.
  • If you find that one of your events has already been entered and you want to edit the entry, or you want to add the holidays icon to a holiday event, click "Edit" at the bottom of the listing and check the holidays box at the bottom of the page.  Anyone who is signed in can enter and edit, regardless of who entered the information originally.

Go ahead and enter your events for other seasons, too, and they'll be listed on The History List, the calendar system for history organizations.  Learn more about how other history organizations use The History List to manage their list of events on their own site and reach others in their community and across the country.

Use any of the holiday campaign for history in your print and electronic newsletters, on your website, at your historic site, and elsewhere.  It's all free and ready to use immediately.  For example, the table top signs, such as the one shown here, are all formatted.  Just put a piece of cardstock paper in your printer and hit print.  More details and the link to download them all here.

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