Wambli Ska Drum and Dance Society

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The Wambli Ska Drum and Dance Society (WSDDS) of Rapid City is keeping kids off the streets and families actively participating in traditional practices, such as the Wambli Ska New Years Powwow, while walking the red road to healthy living.

In 2008, while preparing for sun dance, Daron White Eagle had a dream of bringing family and children back to culture and prayer. It was this vision, that Daron along with wife Nora, made the Wambli Ska Drum and Dance Society (WSDDS) group a reality.

The group currently meets for a meal and practice every Monday night at the Mother Butler Center in Rapid City- beginning with a free meal and a pow wow following thereafter.

The Wambli Ska Drum and Dance Society has grown to be one of the largest dance groups in the country. They have over 70 children and teens signed up and the group is continually expanding. Ages range from 6 months to 17 years in age. All generations participate in the WSDDS Powwow each week; as it is the older generation who teach and mentor the young.

The WSDDS Committee works diligently to get the group exposure, attain volunteers and donations of regalia materials, provide meals each week, travel to regional powwows, and get their own Wambli Ska royalty to as many gatherings as possible. Each week on Thursday evenings, the WSDDS group meets for their Arts & Crafts Night to work on regalia pieces and learn the meaning and symbolism of certain aspects of their dance outfit.

The main goal of the Wambli Ska Drum and Dance Society is to keep its children off the street and out of trouble at least one day out of the week. One way they do this is with their Wambli Ska New Years Powwow that teaches how to bring in a new year with prayer, family and culture- instead of drinking and/or drugging. Their goal is to keep their children healthy to carry on our traditions.

For more information, contact Daron White Eagle at daronwhiteeagle@gmail.com.

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