South Carolina Battleground Trust, 2nd South Carolina Revolutionary Regiment, SAR

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The following: Revolutionary War Regiments plan to participate:

2nd South Carolina Regiment

2nd North Carolina Regiment

6th North Carolina Regiment

3rd Continental Dragoons

1st Hamilton Legion

Piedmont Partisons

Kingsbury Artillery

Camden Artillery

Major John Cochran's British Legion

The Royal 33rd of Foot 


WWII Battle Reenactment participants:


Germany's 6th Parachute Division 6 Fallschimjager

The 307th Engineer Battalion of the Allieds

The 307th Medical Battalion

Headquarters of the 101st Airborne

The 82nd Airborne

C Company Parachute Infantry Regiment

H Company Parachute Infantry Regiment


* 20th & 21st Century Vehicles will be on display by the South Carolina Military Vehicles Association.