Society for Industrial Archeology - Southern New England Chapter

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A chapter of the Society for Industrial Archeology, representing Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island

The Southern New England region has a rich legacy of industrial ingenuity and innovation. Since 1976, the SNEC-SIA has actively promoted the study and appreciation of this important part of our history. The SNEC-SIA is a regional chapter of the Society for Industrial Archeology, a national organization founded in 1971 to “encourage the study, interpretation, and preservation of historically significant industrial sites, structures, artifacts, and technology”.

Industrial Archeology (IA) is the study of the industrial activity, with a particular focus on the documentation and preservation of the physical remains associated with manufacturing, transportation, construction, public utilities and extractive industries. IA topics (collectively known as Industrial Heritage) include mills, canals, machinery, power plants, pipelines, railroads, bridges, warehouses, quarries, mines, artifacts, modern factories, and many other items above and below ground.

The SNEC-SIA is a volunteer non-profit organization with a diverse membership comprised of a mix of professionals and amateurs, with various backgrounds including archaeology, architecture, construction, industry, education, engineering, history, planning, preservation, and other enthusiasts who share our mission.

Membership in the SNEC-SIA is open to anyone with an interest in industrial heritage, and is not limited to residents of the Southern New England area. Dues for new members is just $8 per year, and includes a bi-annual newsletter (published jointly with the Northern New England Chapter – SIA), an invitation to the annual New England Conference on Industrial Archeology held each winter, as well as chapter tours and other special events. Past tours have included visits to mills, quarries, museums, power plants, construction sites and still-active factories.

For more information, or to download our current membership form, please visit our website at: