Pawnee Guard Reenactors

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The Pawnee Guard is a Civil War era Federal Marine and Confederate Civil War Reenacting Unit based in Panama City, Florida. Most of the members are located in Florida but anyone can join. The unit attends events in Florida, as well as larger national events in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Georgia, etc. We portray Federal Marines and Sailors, and Confederate Infantry. We have a cannon and we also do artillery. We have a boat and we do amphibious assaults as Marines and Sailors at our signature event, The St Andrews Bay Salt Works Raid Reenactment in April, in Panama City, Florida.

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The Pawnee Guard honors the sacrifices and courage of the American Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who fought and died for their country during the Civil War. We teach the history of the Civil War through interactive living history displays and full scale battle reenactments.
Joining for an event

We encourage folks that are interested to visit us at an event where you can meet the members of the unit and see first-hand what it is like. We stock extra uniforms and equipment that you can borrow. We charge a fee of $20 to pay for the gunpowder and caps that are used to fire the rifle. Battles usually start at 1pm so we need you to arrive in camp by 10 in order to receive instruction and get outfitted. Wear black boots with out laces and no cowboy heals.

Ages and Sex of Members
Most events require that participants that carry a rifle must be 16, but we do have some where 14 year olds who are capable physically of handling the weapon and that are mature can participate. At no time are live rounds used. We have an excellent safety record. Girls can participate as long as they conform to the correct appearance standards, hiding long hair etc.

We are a family centered unit, there are almost always children and often ladies present. Be respectful of others and don’t curse or openly consume alcohol around minors. Watch your conversational topics around the children. We don’t want drug users or drunkards in our camp. Don’t get us wrong, we have a bunch of former Marines in the unit and cigars and alcohol are present, we just don’t get loud and stupid.

Pawnee Guard Civil War Reanactors - Panama City Florida

The rifles, uniforms and camp equipment are expensive and belong to the individual members of the unit. We don’t expect someone to just jump in and purchase everything overnight. In fact we would discourage that as you will find you need time to learn what is good stuff and what isn’t. We will loan you whatever you need when you try it out and as you get started in the hobby if you decide to join. If you use a rifle you are expected to clean it under the direction of one of our excellent NCO’s (Corporals).

You can just join the Pawnee Guard for a day, but part of the fun is the camping! We camp what is called “period” or “authentic. That means canvas tents and cast iron. You can have modern amenities in your tent such as heaters and air mattresses, but everything outside and visible should be period correct. We have some spare tents you can borrow until you decide to get your own.We always have a mess where we cook together as a unit and share the duties and the cost. The mess is voluntary. It usually costs $20 for meals on Saturday and Sunday. We eat like kings!

Join Us
If you would like to give reenacting a try with the Pawnee Guards, contact us today! Call 850-258-1670 or email

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