New England Regional World History Association

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Founded in 1993 as one of the earliest regional affiliates of the World History Association, NERWHA pioneered regional conferences and online discussions on the research and teaching of world history. Although the organization fell into a period of desuetude during the 2000s, it was abruptly revitalized in April 2011.

Today NERWHA is animated by the tremendous energy of its diverse and growing membership, which includes K-12 teachers, professors, students, public historians, and independent scholars. The association also benefits from an ambitious leadership team that is passionately committed to the advancement of world history in New England. In the rush of the recent stunning success of its symposium series, NERWHA is expanding its operations. Priorities for 2012 include implementing a series of awards for students, establishing a presence of NERWHA scholars at nearby history conferences, and continuing networking efforts with other organizations that are NERWHA's natural allies.