Greensboro Country Park

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Greensboro Country Park is the venue of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse Reenactment that is held in March of each year. The Guilford Battleground Company (GBC) is appreciative of all reenactors who portray their units’ action in the battle. They provide a great service to the community by reminding us of the sacrifices that were made by our forefathers over two hundred years ago, and we trust that the public will show their appreciation by their attendance.

While you are at the Greensboro Country Park, the GBC hopes you will take time to walk over some of the original battlefield and try to imagine what it must have been like during the many battles that were fought during the Revolutionary War. See the exhibits, film and battle map presentations in the Military Park Visitors’ Center. Also, visit the Colonial Heritage Center and park area located where the Joseph Hoskins farmhouse stood at the time of the battle. It was here that Lord Cornwallis organized the lines of his British troops and dispatched them into the fray.

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