Grayson County Frontier Village

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The Grayson County Frontier Village, which has been designated Grayson County’s official museum, has been described as one of the county’s “Best Kept Secrets.” The dedicated volunteers are working hard to change that from being a secret to being “the place” to take visitors or for locals to get a good dose of Grayson County Heritage.

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Throughout the year, the village has family-friendly events, such as the Grayson County Frontier Village Spring Civil War Days in March, and the Grayson County Frontier Village Fall Civil War Days in October. Be sure to watch our Events Page to see what fun we have in store for you.

When visiting the Frontier Village the best place to start is at the Visitor’s Center. There you find a museum brimming with artifacts (gifts from people throughout Grayson County) from the days long ago. There are books for sale and there is an abundance of research material.

Then take a stroll through the past. A time capsule of local history, Frontier Village consists of 11 historic homes including the county’s oldest school, a country store, old church, newspaper office, a museum, and research center. There are collections of mule-drawn farm implements and early hand tools; even a portable jail that housed county prisoners working on roads before 1920.

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