Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society

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The Eastern Shore of Virginia Historical Society, Incorporated is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization formed in 1957 with a mission to preserve and interpret Eastern Shore history and to educate the community about its past. Our organization offers itself as a vehicle for cultural enhancement as well as a facilitator for history education through our exhibits, programs, collections and preservation initiatives.

The collections the Historical Society hold are vast and important intellectual tools for education and research. The history of the Eastern Shore of Virginia can be accredited to the early success of the formation of the American colonies and the proper care and preservation of this collection is significant to this community and to the United States. Our collections consist of valuable historic properties, artifacts, archives, and a library, all of which we use in our exhibits, educational programs and in research projects.


The Historical Society owns three properties, Ker Place, Hopkins Brothers Store and the Wise Family Cemetery, and has the rights to use the Samuel D. Outlaw Blacksmith Shop. Two of our properties Ker Place, which is the Historical Society headquarters, and the Hopkins Brothers General Store are National Historic landmark properties.

The Historical Society also has a wide range of educational programs that target all age groups. We have ongoing lectures and evening seminars, art exhibits and workshops through out the year.