Duxbury Rural & Historical Society

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The Duxbury Rural & Historical Society is a non-profit organization seeking to foster a better understanding of the heritage and rural environment of Duxbury, Massachusetts. The Society's goals are to provide access to its building and its lands, to provide educational programs for the community, to collect, preserve and exhibit artifacts relating to Duxbury's history, to provide a library and archives for the encouragement of scholarly research and to publish documents of historical interest.

The DRHS maintains 4 historic house properties, an archival library, museum collections, and more than 150 acres of land held in conservation. Two of the properties - the Nathaniel Winsor Jr. House and the Drew Archival Library - are open to the public year-round; the rest are accessible during seasonal hours, or by appointment. The DRHS also hosts programs, events and facility rentals each year, in an effort to make Duxbury's history available to the widest possible audience.

Nathaniel Winsor, Jr. House