Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama by Walter D. Edmonds

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It’s the year 1777........

Our American Revolution has begun in earnest. The Continental Army has suffered a series of debilitating defeats. Can the patriots ever conceive of winning their independence from the world's most powerful nation? The answer is yes! 1777 marks a turning point in the patriot's struggle for independence. Some of our country’s finest heroes resided in the Mohawk Valley of upstate New York. Back then it was the wild, backwood's interior called...the "Western Frontier".

This version of Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama by Walter D. Edmonds© focuses on that pivotal year: 1777. It tells through vivid characterizations the reasons behind the famous Battle of Oriskany, commonly known as the bloodiest battle of the American Revolution. Who were these people that clashed in this "ravine of death" that fateful morning of August 6, 1777?

Drums Along the Mohawk

Drums Along the Mohawk is known as one of the finest examples of historical fiction ever written. Told through the eyes of Gil and Lana Martin, these characters mingle with real historical figures in a remarkably accurate portrayal of actual struggles and events of the time.

Drums Along the Mohawk Outdoor Drama by Walter D. Edmonds will include the spectacle of weaponry, music and "truth is stranger than fiction" drama.

This show promises to bring our 18th century past to life, up close and personal! We are convinced it will leave you with an unforgettable, everlasting appreciation of the sacrifices made in fighting for America's independence.

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