Danvers ALarm List Company

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The Danvers Alarm List Coy. It is an entirely volunteer group of 18th century living history reenactors that portray the militia, minute and alarm companies of Danvers and surrounding communities, as they existed in the 1774-1775 timeframe. The Alarm List Coy. presents its impression to the public through demonstrations, exhibitions, parades, living history encampments and battle reenactments. We clothe and accouter ourselves with reproductions of the period, according to research done by the members and use the drill manual created in 1775 by Col. Tomothy Pickering of Salem, “An Easy Plan of Discipline for a Militia.”

The Alarm List Company is a registered 501(c)(3) organization and also owns and operates the Rebecca Nurse Homestead, a historic house museum in Danvers, MA