CSULB American Indian Student Services

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CSULB American Indian Student Services receives many calls regarding admissions, tribal enrollment, scholarships, grants and financial aid. Every year thousands of students make California State University, Long Beach their University of Choice – selecting CSULB for its strong academic reputation, award-winning faculty, successful alumni, personalized student support services, advanced facilities, spirited campus life and more!

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CSULB American Indian Student Services is committed to supporting American Indian students in attaining their higher education. Not every university offers services specifically to American Indian students so we hope you take this opportunity to take full advantage of everything we offer.

California State University, Long Beach has long enjoyed the reputation of having an active American Indian presence on campus and having many American Indian alumni. The university has a tradition of commitment to American Indians dating back to the fall of 1968 when several American Indian students were specifically recruited to Long Beach to begin classes. Today, CSULB actively assists American Indian students in achieving their academic goals and enhancing their personal, intellectual, and social development, in part by presenting the annual CSULB Puvungna Pow Wow, along with the American Indian Studies Program, American Indian Student Council, Division of Student Affairs, Student Life and Development, and Associated Students, Inc.

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