Benjamin Banneker Foundation

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The Benjamin Banneker Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit philanthropic group, specializing in fundraising for the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum. Funds are used to increase educational activities, enhance conservation initiatives, and further develop the Park and Museum into a living history center so other may BE INSPIRED by Benjamin Banneker's legacy. For more information, visit


About the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum:

The mission of the Benjamin Banneker Historical Park and Museum seeks to preserve the legacy of one of America’s most extraordinary icons, Benjamin Banneker (1731-1806). Born in Baltimore County, Maryland, Banneker was known throughout his community as being an accomplished astronomer, mathematician, author of six published almanacs, abolitionist, naturalist, and a surveyor of our nation’s capital. When Banneker was not star gazing, you could find him maintaining his one hundred acre tobacco farm, orchard and apiary. Today his former homestead is preserved by the Baltimore County Department of Recreation and Parks, where the staff is dedicated to telling Banneker's story and being environmental stewards of his former property. Contact the Park and Museum at 410-887-1081 or email at


      The Park and Museum offers something for everyone from weekly educational programs to six miles of hiking trails leading to and around historic Ellicott City. Banneker’s story is told through gallery tours, a representation of an 18th century cabin, colonial gardens, an orchard and more. To continue to engage visitors, the Park and Museum staff is in need of your support to cover the costs of several projects and programs. By investing in this piece of American history, you help tell the story of this magnificent American hero so that future generations may BE INSPIRED by Banneker’s legacy.