Anne Marbury Hutchinson Foundation

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The Anne Marbury Hutchinson Foundation honors the life and example of Puritan outcast and New World-changer, Anne Marbury Hutchinson (b.1591, d.1643). Organized in Mother Anne's 425th anniversary year to highlight her courageous example and nation-shaping contributions, the foundation is charged with collaboratively celebrating her stories and those of other founding mothers—role models and mentors from our past. 

In 2016, the foundation launched by announcing the inaugural Founding Mothers Celebration: a collaborative, learning event-series coordinated by the Anne Marbury Hutchinson Foundation and similarly-aligned, history-loving nonprofits. The tri-state celebration follows “Mother Anne’s” life-path from Boston, MA (July 20-21) and continues to Portsmouth, RI (July 22); Bronx-Eastchester, NY (July 23); and returns to Boston for closing events (July 24). Join the fun by visiting!

The Anne Marbury Hutchinson Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant proposals.