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Andy Volpe is an Artist and Living History presenter in the Worcester, Massachusetts area.

He studies and works in the drawing and printing techniques of the Old Masters, lectures and demonstrates these techniques covering the 1400's - 1800's, and also gives presentations on the Roman Legionary soldier to schools, colleges and libraries.  He has also presented at museums and institutions.He holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Fine Arts from Westfield State University where he studied Drawing and Printmaking with some Art History thrown in for good measure.  He's been independently studying the Old Masters utilizing translations and facsimilie copies of surviving manuscripts, treatises and manuals in art.  His artwork, including Archaeological and Artifact illustrations, have been published (more info below).

He is probably best known for his Roman Legionary presentations which he created and developed at Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester Massachusetts (where he also presented on Arms & Armor and Historical Fencing/Martial Arts), which unfortunately closed its doors in December 2013 (the collection moved to nearby Worcester Art Museum, incidentally where Andy studied and worked on 17th century printing techniques).  He has been giving (Roman) presentations to schools, colleges, and libraries since 2004, and publicly both at Higgins and at other museums and institutions since 2001.  He has also presented at the Classical Association of New England, Classical Association of Massachusetts, Junior Classical Leagues of Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, HistoryCamp Boston, has presented/displayed with Legion III Cyrenaica at International Archaeology Fairs (sponsored by the Archaeological Institute of America) at the Museum of Science in Boston, and at AIA Lectures at Joukowsky Institute / Brown University, and at Roman-themed events at Penn Museum and Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

Currently he hand-engraves, hand-prints and hand-colors copies of Paul Revere's engravings, such as the "Boston Massacre" and "Landing of the Troops" for the Printing Office of Edes and Gill at Faneuil Hall, and occassionally demonstrates these techniques at the Office and other Events.

He's also demonstrated intaglio printing at the Museum of Printing, Old Sturbridge Village, and Plimoth Plantation.

He is an active member of several world respected living history groups spanning ancient Rome, Late Medieval, Early Colonial America, and American Civil War; and is insured through the Living History Association in Vermont.


Living History Groups and Organizations:

- Legion III Cyrenaica; New England region, Roman Legion 1st Century CE

- Legion XX Valeria Victrix; Maryland-Virginia, Roman Legion 1st Century CE

- Company of the Wolfe Argent, New Hampshire/New England, Burgundian Lance 1460-70's

- Salem Trayned Band; Massachusetts Bay Colony / Essex County, Colonial Militia 1630's

- Salem Light Infantry / Salem Zouaves; Massachusetts Volunteer Militia (8th Reg. Co. I/J), 1861

Printing Office of Edes and Gill; Boston MA, Engraver / Printer / Limner 1770's

- Museum of Printing, 15 Thornton Ave, Haverhill MA

- Living History Association, Wilmington VT (Individual & Group Member via Leg. III; provides insurance)

- Higgins Armory Museum, Worcester MA (closed 2013) Education Staff 2002-2006 & 2013, Volunteer 2006-2012)

-- Collection moved to Worcester Art Museum 2013-14 as John Woodman Higgins Collection of arms & armor.


Examples of Artwork, including pieces utilizing Old Master's techniques and processes:


Some Prints for the Printing Office of Edes & Gill:

List of Published Illustrations:

"Game of Thrones and the Medieval Art of War", Dr. Kenneth Mondschein, McFarland Press (coming 2017)

- Diagrams of helmets, swords, pole arms and other weaponry (utilizing Museum artifacts)

"Artist In Residence" project, drawing (pretty much) the entire Arms and Armor collection that was on display at Higgins Armory Museum before its closure in 2013.

"Icelanders in the Viking Age: The People of the Saga", Dr. William R. Short, McFarland Press (2010)

- Diagrams of archaeological sites/houses, cross-section plan, conceptual illustrations of ships

"Jarred Expectations" from "Losers and Their Friends" collection, Erin Thorne, Great Old Ones Publ. (2014)

"Rebecca's Hell", Resa Nelson, in Brutarian Quarterly #44 (2005)

Diagram of the Teuffenbach Armor in "Age of Armor" Exhibition Catalog/Booklet, Nationally travelled exhibition, Higgins Armory Museum (2005)

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