Willowdale Mansion Tour

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     Here’s your chance to go inside Bradley Webster Palmer’s “Willow Dale” mansion for a unique guided tour.  This over 100 years-old Arts and Crafts style building has been beautifully restored through the partnership of the Department of Conservation and Recreation’s Historic Curatorship Program with the Willowdale Estate Curators.  Original woodwork and stained-glass windows are highlighted.  Learn how the building was remodeled during Palmer’s lifetime, and how its curators returned it to its former splendor.  Every stone in Bradley Palmer’s mansion reveals his joy in entertaining guests, a tradition of hospitality that Willowdale Estate (willowdaleestate.com) preserves today. Adults will especially enjoy this tour.  The second floor is not accessible to persons with limited mobility.

This program is provided jointly by Bradley Palmer State Park and Willowdale Estate.