What Cheer Day 2015

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What Cheer Day 2015 

Ever wonder what life–and death–were like in early 1800s Rhode Island?

Knock at the door of John Brown Esq.’s mansion on the hill, and step into Providence in 1803.  You’ll learn that John Brown has recently died, and the house is in mourning.  Costumed interpreters playing the roles of the Brown family and their 18th-century neighbors will be preparing for Mr. Brown’s funeral, draping the house in black crepe and listening to appropriately somber dirges on the harpsichord.

Discover the rituals surrounding death in the late 18th and early 19th century, like wearing mourning jewelry and clothing, embroidering memorials to, and painting miniatures of, the recently deceased.

Join us at the John Brown House Museum from 1-4pm on Saturday, October 24—just in time for Halloween!—to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of Rhode Island’s past.

$15/non-RIHS member
$12/RIHS member
Children 12 and under are free

Tickets for What Cheer Day will be available on-site on 10/24.

Tickets for the Benefit Street Walking Tour at 11am on What Cheer Day can be purchased in the John Brown House Museum bookstore on 10/24.