Webinar: Speaking Truth to Power: Why Transparency and Accountability Matter

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You might think of transparency and accountability as just buzzwords, but in reality they are a choice – a chosen way of organizing and running an institution no matter its budget size.

Many museums embrace the ideals of openness, communication, and trustworthiness in their work. In fact, the words transparency and accountability and others like them, can be found in vision, mission, and values statements of museums large and small. Too frequently, however, transparency and accountability get sidelined by good intentions. What do they really mean in day-to-day practice? How do they become part of an institution’s DNA so that, even in difficult times, they aren’t ignored?

This webinar is part of the StEPs Lab series of webinars offered to both StEPs participants and all others interested in the topic of transparenchy and accountability. Applying what you learn in a StEPs Lab to your policies and practices helps your organization make meaningful progress.

In this webinar, participants will learn:

  • What is meant by the terms transparency and accountability and how they impact internal and external organizational performance.
  • How transparency and accountability create a more inclusive, diverse, equitable, and trustworthy organization.
  • How to assess their organization’s transparency and accountability and steps to take to increase both.
  • Strategies for communicating what they have learned about transparency and accountability to others, both internally and externally.
  • How their organization can meet transparency- and accountability-related standards and performance indicators in the StEPs program.