USS Constitution Museum Workshops for Teachers

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How much does the average person know about the War of 1812?  Chances are that most people have very little knowledge about this obscure and mostly forgotten war in American History.  However, this summer, 80 educators from across the nation will have the chance to gain a better understanding of “Mr. Madison’s War” through “The USS Constitution and the War of 1812,” a week long seminar that is funded by a National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks of American History and Culture grant awarded to the USS Constitution Museum.  Not only is this an opportunity that will allow educators to learn about one of the more important turning points in America’s history, but they will have the chance to do so during the Bicentennial anniversary of the War of 1812.

Educators will have the choice to attend a week long seminar held on either July 22-26 or August 5-9, 2013 at the USS Constitution Museum.  Donald Hickey, the workshop’s Principal Scholar and author of The War of 1812: A Forgotten Conflict, believes the seminar is a “unique opportunity to enhance teacher understanding of an important war and an iconic warship that played a central role in forging an American identity.”  Educators selected for the workshop will hear from guest lecturers, visit historic sites in Boston and have the chance to explore the War’s greatest artifact, USS Constitution.  Margherita M. Desy, Historian with the Naval History & Heritage Command Detachment Boston, believes the study of USS Constitution “is a unique platform from which to teach and experience first-hand the history of the War of 1812.”  The USS Constitution Museum will serve as the headquarters and home base of the seminar, providing educators the chance to experience the museum’s award winning, hands-on, minds-on exhibits and the opportunity to create an interactive teaching activity that can be used to share their newly acquired knowledge with the thousands of American students that they interact with on a daily basis.

Those educators selected will receive a stipend of $1,200 to help cover the costs of this residential workshop. Information on how to apply as well as a detailed itinerary can be found on the USS Constitution Museum website,

The USS Constitution Museum is located in the historic Charlestown Navy Yard, across from USS Constitution and on the Freedom Trail. The USS Constitution Museum is a nonprofit, educational institution whose mission is to serve as the memory and educational voice of USS Constitution, by collecting, preserving, and interpreting the stories of "Old Ironsides" and the people associated with her.  The Museum is honored to be rated a prestigious 4 stars on Charity Navigator, a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate, and a recent recipient of the Parent’s Choice Award.