Upstairs, Downstairs Behind the Scenes House Tour

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Upstairs Downstairs is a special tour through the 200-year old Amos Blanchard House, home to the Andover Center for History and Culture.  

We’ll tour not just the main 1820s period rooms, but also through the private “off-limits” areas. We’ll venture to third floor rooms where collection items are stored. Go behind the closed doors of work spaces & storage spaces. Explore three attics, the basement, and the archives. 

You’ll hear about the history and architectural details of the house and stories of the Blanchard family and other residents. And because the house will be decorated with our Festive Firs exhibit, you’ll have a chance to enjoy a refreshment break amid the holiday display. 

The Upstairs Downstairs tour will take about 1½ hours. The tour is free but registration is required and limited to 2-10 people. If the demand indicates, two tours of 10 people each can be accommodated at the same time. Please register online at  or by calling 978-475-2236. Registration will close the day before, December 4th at 5pm. 

Please note that the Upstairs Downstairs tour involves a considerable amount of standing, climbing stairs and moving through tight spaces. The Blanchard House is not mobility accessible. Please call Marilyn Helmers at 978-475-2236 with any questions.