Untold Stories of Mayflower II

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Explore the "untold" stories of Mayflower II in a virtual talk with author Randal Charlton about the replica of the famous ship built by his father as a gift to America.  The talk will be broadcast on Friday, June 11 at noon, the 64th anniversary of Mayflower II's arrival to American shores in 1957.  

Randal will show rare film and reveal inside stories about the building of the ship in England and its journey across the Atlantic in this third talk, sponsored by the Alden Kindred of America.  How was the Mayflower II nearly sent to the bottom of the sea twice?  What happened to two stowaways?  Why were leeches taken onboard and who were they fed to? Get the inside story about these stories and more by registering for the Zoom talk at www.alden.org.   Randal is author of the book "The Wicked Pilgrim, The True Story of the Englishman Who Gave Mayflower II to America" and has a distinguished career in journalism and business.