Unto These Hills

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The original “Unto These Hills” drama is back. Now, with extra drama.

Since its debut on July 1, 1950, “Unto These Hills” has entertained over six million people, telling the Cherokees’ rich story from 1780 to the twenty-first century. And for the first time in over a decade, that original production—updated for cultural sensitivity and extra stage drama—is back. Yes, the original Kermit Hunter version of “Unto These Hills” is being performed live again, under the stars, at the Mountainside Theatre.

Does a story thousands of years old require spoiler alerts? If so, consider yourself alerted.

This story has action. Violence. Bitter disappointments and broken agreements. You’ll see triumph and tribulation. But you’ll also see the hardships of Cherokee history—so be warned. Though a family-friendly production, this is a “keep you on the edge of your seat” experience audiences see and feel. Through amazing imagery, and even some pyrotechnics, one thing’s for certain: you’ll emerge thrilled by the beauty and astounding courage of the Cherokee people.

Bring a blanket and someone to hold hands with.

As you enjoy the fresh air and the 2,100-seat, newly renovated Mountainside Theatre, it’s easy to be transported as the story unfolds thrillingly before your eyes. Join us and experience the power of Cherokee performing arts in a production certain to move you. It might be the perfect way to end your day before a comfortable bed in Cherokee calls your name.

“Unto These Hills” is performed at the Cherokee Mountainside Theatre, located at 688 Drama Road. Free parking for “Unto These Hills” ticket holders.

The 2017 season runs from June 3 to August 19.

The show starts at 8:00 p.m. nightly. The theatre is closed on Sundays.