Turkey Creek School House

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1910 One Room Schoolhouse Experience

Enter the grounds of the Heritage Center’s Humphrey Heritage Village and step back in time to the early frontier days. Students will be greeted by the Village Schoolmarm who will take them through the daily studies of reading, writing and ciphering as it would have been taught in the Cherokee Outlet in 1910. The curriculum taught meets the Oklahoma CORE standards for fourth-grade students.

Each student will have a slate, chalk, ink and nib pen to work with during their visit to Turkey Creek School. A class size of 24 students is ideal for this historical school day experience. Students are encouraged to wear period clothing and bring their lunch pails filled with a typical 1910 Oklahoma lunch.

After lunch students play on the grounds enjoying such age-old games as drop the handkerchief and red rover. The typical school day begins at 9:00 a.m. and ends at 1:00pm followed by a tour of the Heritage Center’s Museum ending at 2:00pm. Turkey Creek School is held in the spring and fall. Fall Semester is September, October, November and the spring semester is March, April, May.

Pre-visit Teacher Resources are available below. Classes are required to bring the below Check- in Forms. Call the Education Department today to reserve your class at Turkey Creek School (580)237-1907 X227.
Built around 1896, Turkey Creek School served the students of the Imo area until 1947. This one-room school, taken back to its original appearance, is roughly 20 x 35 feet and is equipped as it would have been in 1910.