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The exhibit Transformation features five objects from Ohio Historical Society collections that represent powerful moments of transformation in history. The exhibit is designed to raise questions and spark conversation about what it means to be transformed and to transform. Among the objects are Amunet, the 2,000-year-old Egyptian mummy given to the Ohio Historical Society in the 1920s; a Max Factor vaudeville make-up kit from the 1920s that showcases the ease and power of personal and physical transformation; segments of the rope used to hang the Lincoln conspirators, exploring the national transformation the conspirators initiated and the transformation from life to death; a dress worn by Jackie Mayer of Sandusky, Miss America 1963, highlighting the private transformation that occurs when one accepts a public role; and the last passenger pigeon, "Buttons." Shot in 1909, its death prompts questions about how humans transform the natural world through seemingly insignificant acts.