Topics on Family History: Women in the Family: Genealogical Challenge and Opportunity

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For many family history researchers the trail ends when it comes to finding a woman’s parents, locating a distant relative's daughter, or identifying major life events for a female family member. These are common genealogical challenges, but ones that also provide great opportunity: women were the "social glue" that kept generations together, but their stories were often not told. This workshop focuses on the challenges and the opportunities of researching your female ancestors. Instructor Alice Eichholz will cover traditional genealogical approaches and introduce some lesser known ones while stirring in a bit of DNA research. This is a "hands-on" workshop--part lecture, part group work and all problem-solving!

Alice Eichholz, Ph.D., CG, has more 30 years of professional research experience, with a specialization in New England and colonial America. She is the editor of Red Book: American State, County and Town Sources, a leading genealogy guidebook, and a full-time faculty member at Walden University.