Topics on Family History: What Every Genealogist Should Learn from African-American Research

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African-American family history researchers are faced with the challenge of name changes, elusive identities, missing records and records that were never kept. Learn how to overcome these challenges with a review of six key principles for success in family history research:

• Pose the question carefully and be specific about what you’re looking for.

• Pay attention to family photos, home sources and oral history.

• Research whole families, not just individuals.

• Watch for changes in names, whether accidental or deliberate.

• Capture as many sources as possible such as funeral notices and obituaries, not just the death certificates.

• Learn about unique sources that may be available from a certain time or location, and what kind of information can be found.

This class is taught by Jerry Blue, a Hennepin County librarian and storyteller and professional genealogist Lois Abromitis Mackin, Ph.D.