This Rebellion: Maine and the Civil War

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This Rebellion: Maine and the Civil WarThis Rebellion showcases a rich array of MHS's Civil War collections related to Maine soldiers' experiences during and after the war.

Items in the MHS museum and library collections that help tell the human story of the Civil War inspire this exhibit. Battlefield relics, uniform parts, documents, letters, various objects, paintings, photographs, and evidence of post-war commemorative activities bring to life people and stories from the 1860s. The items people saved and passed on to descendants and ultimately to Maine Historical Society help us understand the variety of experiences of soldiers and civilians and the meanings the war had to those involved.

A Memorial Wall presents the names of members of Maine regiments who died during the war. It lists their names, ranks, regiments, and hometowns. The wall also lists those who were missing in action.

In addition, visitors can read letters from soldiers, their families, and others, as well as listen to selected letters being read and to music of the Civil War era.

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