The Tipsy Tour: Dram Shops and Drunken Sailors

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Booze. Hooch. Liquor. Kill Devil. Grog. Applejack. It's all covered on the Tipsy Tour: Dram Shops and Drunken Sailors!

This tour is not a pub crawl - it's an exploration of Boston's boozy past! You’ll hear stories from the very beginnings of Boston’s history through Prohibition and meet some interesting characters along the way – like the Ice King, King Solomon and Admiral Edward Vernon – who had their lives stirred and shaken by booze. Even John Hancock got into trouble because of Madeira, but not how you might think.

We’ve brewed a batch of tales that covers pub life through the ages, Boston's role in the creation of early cocktails, the rise of the mob, and a duel. Join us!