The Story of the Revolution in Beverly

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WAshingtton Taking Command

In 1898, Henry Cabot Lodge published his book, “The Story of the Revolution” in which he tells the history of the Revolutionary War. For this two volume book, Lodge commissioned a handful of artists to create images illustrating visual content for specific passages in the book.

These select artists did not draw or illustrate the images that Lodge requested, instead, they painted the images in full; paying attention to every detail in their brushstrokes.

Drawn entirely from the Historic Beverly collection, “The Story of the Revolution” in Beverly brings together the first edition of Lodge’s book and two dozen of the original paintings that were commissioned for the publication.

Open at the Cabot House through December 19, 2020, the “Story of the Revolution” in Beverly exhibit explores the artists, the text and the history of the time of the Revolutionary War in Beverly and the Nation.