The Maritime Heritage of the Kennebunks

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The Brick Store Museum presents the maritime heritage of the region through marine art, artifacts, and archival material. This show will include recently conserved pieces of art, artifacts from ships and shipyards, and ship's logs and personal letters from those sailing overseas in the 19th Century.

Featured topics of the exhibition include foreign trade, specific ship histories, stories from Kennebunk voyages, biographies of ship captains and their families, and items brought back from abroad. Visitors can expect to discover new and untold stories, interactive experiences within the exhibition, and a wide array of ships portraits from various artists around the world.

This show will run through September 14, 2013. Weekly events and programs will be presented by the Brick Store Museum and its partner, the Kennebunk Free Library. Please see other events on the History List, or visit the Brick Store Museum's website to learn more!