The Life and Times of Reverends Brinsmead and Breck

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Local colonial historian Paul Brodeur will present on the first leaders of the First Church Congregational.

(Bob Kane's previously-schedule presentation on downtown Marlborough will be rescheduled.)

In the continuing celebration of the 350th Anniversary year of Marlborough’s First Church, the Marlborough Historical Society will present a talk on Marlborough’s first two Puritan ministers, Rev. William Brinsmead and Rev. Robert Breck. The lecture will take place on Tuesday, June 28 at 7:00 pm at the home of the Historical Society, the Peter Rice House at 377 Elm St. In those days the church was closely intertwined with town government, so this is the story of our early days.

Brinsmead and Breck were extraordinary men, scholarly, even tempered, and true leaders in a deeply divided Puritan town. They weathered constant land controversies, political differences, and military issues on a frontier town. The threat of Indian assault was made real when the town was invaded twice in the spring of 1676. In the succession of wars with France, the local population was victim of numerous Indian attacks and abductions. Through it all, Brinsmead and Breck were able to create stability and calm.