The Klein Collection At The Museum Of Printing

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On Saturday, June 12, 2021 join us at the Museum of Printing for a presentation by our volunteer and “Old Master” print enthusiast, Andy Volpe (@AV_ArtHistory), for a look at a recently acquired collection of some 1,500 prints, amassed over some 30 years by the late Dr. Arthur Klein, a noted Psychotherapist in the Brookline, Massachusetts area.

Rolling Press (aka Etching Press) from Diderot Encyclopedia ca 1750


This lecture is to give an overview of what Andy has been able to research and identify, so far, of this massive collection, and to act as a “teaser” for an upcoming exhibit of many of these prints, currently planned for September this year.

So far, the collection appears to be roughly half woodcuts / wood block prints and half intaglio / engravings, and these prints date from the 1490s to about 1880.

One of the notable set of prints are from Sebastian Munster’s “Cosmography” from both German and French editions, possibly as early as 1574 and 1588, and several hundred prints from the Diderot Encyclopedia from the 1750s. With more discoveries and important pieces to be revealed!


woodcut of a Printing Press (and mention of Gutenberg), Cosmography by S. Munster, ca 1578-1580

This collection helps the Museum of Printing tell a broader story about the use of graphics and illustrations in books, maps, scientific works, and biblical works, bring printed with moveable type letterpress.

This lecture is free with Museum admission. The lecture will be repeated, once at 11 am and once at 2 pm. We are also making plans to record it. The Museum is still under COVID protocols, so if you come in person, please wear a mask.

Andy has been involved with the museum since 2010, where he’s demonstrated “Old Master” Intaglio printing during Museum Open House events, and is currently developing a series of lectures at the museum looking at various printing topics, notably on Intaglio printing, printing in Early Colonial America, and more. He works replicating the prints of Paul Revere for the Printing Office of Edes & Gill in Faneuil Hall Boston. He plans on presenting at the Museum on his exact replica engraving of Revere’s Boston Massacre, scheduled for Saturday June 19. He also gives Living History presentations with the Higgins Armory Collection at Worcester Art Museum, Worcester MA.