The Civil war Diary of Freeman Colby - Vol 2, 1863 w/ Marek Bennett

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The Civil War Roundtable of New Hampshire welcomes Marek Bennett to discuss his graphic novel: "The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby Vol 2"

(from his web site)

"1863: The continuing saga of a Yankee school teacher in the Union Army:
Young Freeman Colby joined the 39th Massachusetts Regiment in search of “better returns,” but now he just wants to survive the war and return home to his friends & family in New England! Marching deeper into the war-torn heart of Virginia, he crosses paths with countless fellow survivors — widows, poets, volunteer nurses, refugee children, ragged soldiers, brave mothers striving to deliver their families from slavery…"

Marek Bennett is a cartoonist, musician and educator from New Hampshire and will discuss the continuing saga of Freeman Colby in volume 2 of his graphic novel series.

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