The Cavalier Consort - Royal Chamber Music

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The Cavalier Consort presents a program of music of the turbulent era surrounding the English Civil War. Some of the works are directly influenced by historical circumstances, such as Jenkins's Newarke Seidge and Tomkins's Sad Pavan, while other are more abstract. The composers represented were among the most respected of the era. Though they had very different careers, all were loyal to the crown and were deeply affected by the events leading up to King Charles I's death. Composers of the previous generation, most notably John Coprario, integrated Italian influences into the English viol consort tradition, including strong chromaticism, writing for the violin, and the use of continuo. The composers featured in this program--Lawes, Locke, and Jenkins-- took that language to another level of expressiveness, virtuosity and frequent oddness. Through music they expressed the trouble and turmoil of their “distracted times”.

Karen Burciaga & Emily Dahl (violins), James Williamson & David Hunt (viols), Alastair Thompson (keyboards)