The 247th Commemoration and Reenactment of the Boston Massacre

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Due to the extreme cold in the weather forecast, we will be cancelling all outdoor activities, including the night-time reenactment of the Boston Massacre. Indoor daytime events will proceed as scheduled.

The Bostonian Society will host a full day of events in honor of the 247th anniversary of the Boston Massacre, to be presented Saturday, March 4th at the Old State House in downtown Boston. The commemoration will take place on the site where the historic event occurred.

Attendees of the day-long commemoration will be immersed in the historic events and details of everyday existence in British-occupied Boston as historians and interpreters bring the Old State House to life. Visitors will experience stories of the men and women of Colonial-era Boston through performance, interactions with expert historians, and testimonies from characters who witnessed the dramatic events of our nation’s beginnings.

Schedule of Events:

  • Blood on the Snow – 10:30 AM & 12:00 PM in the Old State House
    Included with museum admission.
    Discover the truth behind British Acting Governor Thomas Hutchinson’s challenging decision in the aftermath of the Massacre. Actors will present a scene from this summer’s production of Blood on the Snow, an original drama by Boston playwright Patrick Gabridge.
  • Trial of the Century – 11:00 AM & 2:00 PM in the Old State House
    Included with museum admission. Space is limited; tickets available at 9:00 AM at the front desk of the Old State House Museum.
    Join patriot lawyers John Adams and Robert Treat Paine in the trial of the - soldiers accused of murdering five Bostonians at the Massacre. Visitors participate as the witnesses and jurors who decide the verdict in this celebrated case.
  • Talk of the Town – 1:00PM through 3:00PM in the Old State House
    Included with museum admission
    Immerse yourself in Boston’s colonial past by meeting citizens who lived through the tumultuous period of British occupation. Visitors gain insight and perspective on real events by asking questions and hearing accounts from historic interpreters.

PLEASE NOTE: The Reenactment of the Boston Massacre has been cancelled.