Talk by Ray Raphael on new book on American Revolution September 30th in Worcester

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(Worcester, MA) The Worcester Revolution of 1774 will sponsor a free public lecture and book signing by Ray and Marie Raphael on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 7 p.m. The event will take place at the Worcester Historical Museum, 30 Elm Street, Worcester, MA 01609 and is free and open to the public. The Raphael’s will talk about their latest book The Spirit of ’74: How the American Revolution Began which has just been published by the New Press. The Sprit of ’74 tells the story of what happened between the Boston Tea Party in December of 1773 and the battles of Lexington and Concord, detailing how vitally important those sixteen months were to the overthrow of British rule and the founding of our nation.

Worcester and Worcester County played key roles in this history that is often overlooked in standard narratives of the American Revolution. Worcester county militiamen from 37 different towns shut down the Royal Courthouse on September 7, 1774 in the largest peaceful display of civil disobedience at that time. This effectively ended British authority in the rural sections of Massachusetts. Worcester was also the center of military activity with the largest store of guns and ammunition in the colony. In fact General Gage considered sending troops to seize these stores but realized that the people of Worcester would put up too much of a fight and his troops would not be able to return safely to Boston. He chose instead to seize the stores held at Concord.

Ray Raphael is the author of seventeen books including The First American Revolution, which details the closing of the courts in Worcester. He has also written A People’s History of the American Revolution, Founding Myths, Founders, and Constitutional Myths. Marie Raphael is the author of two historical novels, and has taught literature and writing at Boston University, College of the Redwoods and Humboldt State University. The couple lives together in Northern California.


The Worcester Revolution of 1774 is a consortium of organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting Worcester County’s role in starting the American Revolution. The organizations involved in the Worcester Revolution of 1774 project include: the American Antiquarian Society; Battle Road of the National Park Service; Congress of American Revolution Round Tables; Second Massachusetts Regiment; Preservation Worcester; Sons of the American Revolution; Daughters of the American Revolution, Massachusetts Society; the Tenth Regiment of Foot; Old Sturbridge Village; and Worcester Historical Museum.