Summer Work & Play

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Hazy Summer Days are not so lazy on the farm. Come visit the farm at Old Sturbridge Village and participate in some of the ways farmers kept busy during the summer, one of the most important times of the year for all farm families in the 19th century.

Help the farmers with, arguably, the most important crop each and every year: hay! In the 1800's farmers used the summer months working on the farm. One of their primary goals was to fill their barns with as much hay as it would fit in order to feed their animals through the next winter, never know how long that winter would be.

Work occupies most a farm familys time in the summer, but kids are still kids. Childrens books from the 1800s are littered with all sorts of games and activities that kept children busy and entertained through the summer. Try some of these activities with us at the Village: playing ball, fishing, school yard games and more will all be waiting for you to try your hand.