Stow Minutemen Patriots Day Trail March

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The Stow Annual Trail March and Parade starts from Stow Lower Common. Annual Trail March / Parade.  We start out at pre-dawn.  The air is cool and quiet. Not for long as the sounds of the fifes and drums, the firing of the muskets awaken the townsfolk along our route. We arrive at the Old North Bridge around 9 am then join up with the Parade coming out of and then back to Concord center.

We muster at Stow Lower Common at 4:15 am.  We will step off promptly at 4:30.  If you are carrying a musket and plan to fire, it is essential that you show up at 4:15 for inspection. Questions?  Contact us at  More details?  See the link on the front page at (Source: Stow Minutemen)


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