Spiro Mounds 21st Family Kite Flite Day

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Come celebrate the end of winter and beginning of spring at the 21st annual Family Kite Flite Day at the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center. 

Each year since 1987, the Spiro Mounds Archaeological Center has hosted a day of spring fun and learning. Each year more than 600 individuals and families bring lawn chairs, blankets, kids and kites and fly the winds along with fancier kites flown by professional kiters. Demonstrations by kiters from Oklahoma and Arkansas will include stunt kites, parafoils and other fancy kites. There will be donated kites given away by drawing throughout the day.

Along with the kite flying, younger kids can have fun in the children area. There will be a sandbox where children can dig in the sand for shells, jewels, coins and a special token that can be turned in for a kite. There will also be a bubble-making area, which always draws a crowd, and vendors who will have arts and crafts, American Indian art and other things for sale. There will also be some food vendors and the grounds are perfect for a family picnic.