Small Museum Pro! Fall Offerings

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Small Museum Pro!

A practical and affordable online
professional certification program designed specifically
for those working in small community museums who need
professional development training and for whom a workshop
is not enough and a museum studies degree is not an option.

First eight weeks (August 21-October 12, 2012)

Museum Exhibits: Building Effective Museum Exhibits
In this course, we will go through a compressed, abbreviated version of the basic exhibit development and design process. All of the assignments will relate to the design of an exhibit for your institution, beginning with brainstorming and ending with a basic design, more or less ready to be installed. During the course, we will be loosely working in the following stages:
Pre-Design and Preliminary Design
Schematic Design
Design Development
These mirror the phases an exhibit design project is likely to go through, but since we’ll be creating an “artificial” exhibit, and doing it very quickly, we’ll be more flexible about the order in which we do things.

At the end of each of our mini-phases, we will devote a week to reviewing and critiquing each other’s work. You will go through the assignments your classmates have uploaded and offer your own comments and suggestions.

Students can earn three CEUs upon completion of this course.
Meets AASLH StEPs Standards INT 2,4,6 and AUD 1,3.
When: Aug. 21–Oct. 12, (first eight weeks)
Where: Eight-week online format
Instructor: Jennifer Kinyak
Fee: $210
Register by: Tuesday, Aug. 21
Required text: Alice Parman and Jeffrey Jane Flowers. Exhibit Makeovers: A Do-It-Yourself Workbook for Small                  Museums. Lanham, MD: Alta Mira Press, 2008. (Paperback ISBN 0-7591-0997-4-978-1) Cost about $30.

Second eight weeks (October 15-December 7, 2012)

Collections Management: Managing and Organizing Museum Collections
This course provides an introduction to the professional principles and practices for the management of museum collections. Topics include collections development, registration and record keeping, the development of Collection Policies, Procedures and Forms. We also discuss what it means to be intellectually and physically responsible for museum objects. The overall assignment for this class is to develop a draft Collections Policy for your museum.

At the end of this course you will:
+have developed a standardized set of registration records and forms for inventory, cataloging, accessions and loans;
+have learned about various registration numbering systems and how to mark objects appropriately;
+have discussed issues related to collecting strategies, mission, purpose and scope of collections;
+have developed a broader understanding of legal and ethical concerns of managing collections; and
+have used computerized collection management software.

Students can earn three CEUs upon completion of this course.
Meets AASLH StEPs Standards COLL 1,2,3,4 and MGMT 11.

When: Oct. 15- Dec.7, (second eight weeks)
Where: eight-week online format
Instructor: M. Susan Barger, Ph.D.
Required text: Daniel B. Reibel. Registration Methods for the Small Museum, 4th Edition. Lanham, MD: Alta Mira Press, 2008 (Paperback: ISBN 978-0-7591-1131-8) (About $28).
Fee: $210
Register by: Monday, Oct. 15

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