Slave Trade Walking Tour

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Linden Place Museum hosts walking tours of Linden Place Mansion and downtown Bristol, focused specifically on Bristol’s DeWolf Family and their involvement in the transatlantic slave trade. The DeWolf family, Bristol’s premier family in the 18th and early 19th centuries, was once one of the largest traders of slaves in New England. Learn how Bristol, New England, and all of America were impacted by the slave trading DeWolf’s of Linden Place from museum educator, Robin Tremblay. Tremblay has extensively researched Rhode Island’s connections to slavery and has led many tours along Bristol’s slavery trail. The guided tours take place on select Saturday mornings and Thursday afternoons and begin at Linden Place, the Federal-style mansion built by architect Russell Warren for George DeWolf. The tour then continues through the center of historic Bristol and down to the waterfront on Thames Street, pointing out significant sites tied to Bristol’s lengthy and profitable involvement in the slave trade. The tour ends at the historic DeWolf Tavern, once a DeWolf waterfront warehouse, where tour-goers will enjoy a rum cocktail and ask questions. 2020 Walking Tour Dates are: Sat, April 4, 11am Thurs, May 1, 3pm Sat, May 16, 11am Thurs, May 28, 3pm Sat, June 13, 11am Thurs, June 25, 3pm Sat, July 11,11am Thurs, July 23, 3pm Sat, August 15, 11am Thurs, August 27, 3pm Sat, September 12, 11am Fri, September 24, 3pm Sat, October 17, 11am Thurs, October 22, 3pm The tour is $20, $15 for Linden Place members, and includes a complimentary drink at the DeWolf Tavern. Reservations are required and the tour is limited to 15 people. For more information and reservations, please call the Linden Place office at 253-0390.