Should Connecticut Apologize for Hanging Witches?

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The harrowing story of the hanging of witches in Colonial New England continues to haunt our present-day imagination. In 2008 and 2009, bills were introduced in the Connecticut State Legislature to express regret at the witchcraft executions that occurred in Colonial Connecticut and to affirm that no disgrace should attach to the descendants of the accused. These bills died in committee, but the issue has not gone away. Appeals have continued with petitions to the Governor to take some action. What should the Governor do? Does the State of Connecticut owe an apology to the descendants of those who were hanged? Walt Woodward, State Historian of Connecticut, Lisa Johnson, Executive Director of the Stanley-Whitman House, and Richard G. Tomlinson, author of Witchcraft Prosecution: Chasing the Devil in Connecticut, will discuss the issue. Refreshments Provided.