Sandwich Glass Museum's Special Exhibit: Wish You Were Here, Postcards from Sandwich

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The Sandwich Glass Museum presents a Special Exhibition, Wish You Were Here, Postcards from Sandwich, from Feb. 1 - June 8.  This exhibit features hundreds of postcards from a bygone era.  These images reflect the remnants of an earlier industrial age far different from the quaint New England town depicted today.

At the turn of the century postcards were being produced by the billions worldwide.  They were the "Twitter" and "Facebook" of the times!  They were a fast and convenient way to send a short message.  There were also postal deliveries two or three times a day!  The postcard craze was also popular with collectors who filled scrapbooks with images of their travels.  The Town of Sandwich and Cape Cod were popular subjects of these early postcards.  A truly entertaining and enlightening experience await  the visitor. Step back in time at the Sandwich Glass Museum.