Robbins' Ride - Acton

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This event celebrates the alarm being spread throughout the town of Acton by young 13 year old James Robbins, son of Captain Joseph Robbins. Horse and rider will make stops at the following places and times:

  • 5:00 pm at the Robbins' Homesite - soccer fields at bottom of Concord Rd.
  • 5:20 at the Isaac Davis Homestead - 39 Hayward Road
  • 5:50 at the Faulkner Homestead - 5 High St. in So. Acton (corner of Rte. 27) (Colonel Faulkner is roused from sleep and fires off 3 shots)
  • 6:00 at the Liberty Tree Farm - 24 Liberty St., also in South Acton

(Source: The Acton Minutemen)


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