River Through Time Education Day

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We are open to public, private, and homeschooled groups and their families the Friday before Memorial day from 9am. - 3pm.,every year. 

Come join us for our free educational day event, where one can step back in time and relive history. Experience how life was during the Voyageurs ( Fur Trade Era ) through the Vietnam War era. Learn from presentations from Native Americans, Early Settlers, Civilians, Military, Merchants and Traders. Learn the lifestyle, hardships and struggles these people faced during Americas history. It will be a learning experience for Students, Teachers and Parents alike. 

Come with an open mind and be prepared to ask and answer questions by presenters demonstrators and reenactors. Students will get hands on experiences with reenactors and demonstrators, learn how to start a fire primitive style, make rope, candles, soap and spin wool into yarn and so much more.

Help the doctor perform surgeries on the wounded soldiers, or help the blacksmith make some nails. Students' can even interact with Artillery and Infantry demonstrations and as a prisoner in the Jailhouse! 

As the day continues, students will be able to experience skirmishes and be able to see and hear the thunder of the canons used during the many battles in history. Participate in old fashioned games, such as tug of war, potato sack race, horse shoes, baseball and cricket to name a few.

Our timeline is from the 1600's Voyageurs/Fur Trade Era, French & Indian War, Revolutionary War, War of 1812, Mexican Texas War, Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WW1, WW2, Korean War and Vietnam.


Come and see the Tipi's. Wigwams, and the numerous tents from the many timelines enacted. Come learn about the Sauk trial, the Indian marker tree and how the trail is used today.


Students will be able to shop at the Merchants and sutleries (stores) as well as the many trade blankets throughout the encampments. Food, snacks and ice-cold beverages will also be available. 

Friday from 5-7pm Ride the Train Through Time! Children and veterans are free.

Children must be accompanied by paying adult(s) to find out more about this wonderful adventure go here: Train Through Time

Friday from 7-10pm There will be Karaoke in the Pavilion Tent at Heritage Park.

More great fun for the whole family!

Return on Saturday and Sunday for our free event, open to the public, rejoin us to continue with education and family fun. 

Monday at 8:30 am. Come see us march in Monday mornings parade!

Most importantly come out to have a great time! and help us keep history alive for our future generations. 

There's a whole lot to learn and a whole lot of fun to be had for the entire family!  We hope to see you in May!

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For questions please contact our Education Day coordinator: Bonnie Marusek - Ph: 517-258-1360 or bones0089@gmail.com