Richmond’s Old Stone House and Poe Museum by Rose Marie Mitchell

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On October 30 at noon, Rose Marie Mitchell will deliver a Banner Lecture entitled "Richmond’s Old Stone House and Poe Museum."

Even though the Old Stone House in Richmond is often called the Poe House because the legend has grown that the writer once lived in the structure, the story is not true. Poe never lived there. How then did the connection between the man and the house eventually become a reality and not just an Idea? After countless years of interest in Edgar Allan Poe and over three years of research, Rose Marie Mitchell has gathered the facts and stories to bring it all together to show how the house and the man are connected and how the Old Stone House is worthy of preservation in its own right and certainly worthy of being a memorial site for the internationally known and respected author.

Rose Marie Mitchell, a member of the Poe Foundation Board, is the author of Richmond’s The Old Stone House: Its History and How It Became the Edgar Allan Poe Museum.