Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial Tour

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Rhode Island Irish Famine Memorial Tour

Between 1845 and 1851, the population of Ireland was devastated by a terrible potato famine. Historians estimate that as a result of the tardy and inadequate British government response to the “great hunger,” one million or more Irish men, women and children died. One and one-half million more Irish emigrated to the United States and other countries.

On Sunday, April 14, take a tour along the Providence River with Don Deignan, Ph. D., president of the Famine Memorial Committee and URI Professor Scott Molloy, Ph. D.  Our guides will speak about what drove the Irish to Rhode Island during the Famine and what happened to them in this state after their arrival. We will also learn how the Famine Memorial monument was funded and built, and what the future holds for the commemoration and Irish heritage in RI.  Following the tour, a dinner at RiRa will be enjoyed by all.

Sponsored by the Friends of the Museum of Work & Culture.

The bus will depart at 2:30 pm from Andrew’s Bistro’s parking lot, located at 3755 Mendon Rd. Cumberland, RI.  People who do not wish to take the bus can join the group at the Memorial at 3:00 pm.

To reserve or for information contact Anne Conway at aconway@rihs.org