"Reporting the Revolutionary War" with author Todd Andrlik

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Reporting the Revolutionary War author and editor Todd Andrlik will discuss the critical role and coverage of newspapers during the American Revolution. Before the events and battles of the Revolution became the history and foundation of America, they were first littered among the news and advertisements of the week. Newspapers fanned the flames of rebellion, igniting the ideas of patriotism and liberty among ordinary colonists who had never before been so strongly united. An essential propaganda tool, newspapers also mustered support as the war raged on, motivating farmers and shopkeepers to take up arms against the most powerful empire in the world. Among America’s leading Revolutionary War newspaper archivists, Andrlik will explain how he built and preserved the newspaper collection featured in the book, describe the 18th century newspaper business, and highlight some of the most exciting discoveries made in Revolution-era newspapers. By the end of Andrlik’s presentation, you will have learned what many historians claim: without newspapers, there would have been no American Revolution.