Recreating Place: Uncovering, Interpreting, and Presenting the Past

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As family members, researchers, humans, we want to step into the shoes of those who came before us. To truly understand the experiences and daily lives of our ancestors and communities of the past, we must start with place: that unique and complex blend of space, time, and relationships. But how do we start to rebuild that context?

This conversation series brings together three experts from different fields—museum studies, literature, and genealogy—to discuss the how and why of recreating place:

  • Former Museum Director Dr. Elliot Bostwick Davis
  • Novelist Christina Schwarz
  • NEHGS Senior Genealogist of the Newbury Street Press Kyle Hurst

The trio of panelists will share their various perspectives and the “tricks of the trades,” resources, and methods they use to research and present historical times and places. Each will offer great insight for family historians in pursuit of the past. They will look at the “integrity” of the research process and the practical aspects of doing research to, first, gain historical understanding and then represent it to your audiences.